Month: December 2019

The cryptocurrencies that will give us something to talk about in the future.

There are more and more cryptocurrencies in the market, Bitcoin remains the undisputed queen, but there are other options that are profiled as the most important crypto currencies in the near future. Get to know them. Golem The Golem, whose symbol is GNT, is one of the most exciting creations of the chain of blocks,…
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Indices financieros

Get to know the main financial indices of the market

Do your hands itch to open that shiny door you see in the background…? No, it’s not heaven, but it is the financial market. Forex or any other market, you need some basic knowledge, do not worry, we will help you. Regardless of your location, be it Colombia, Mexico, Panama or China, or if yours…
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10 Considerations for Being a Forex Trader, Part I

Being a Forex trader seems to be the goal of many people today, however, like anything else, doing well requires method and patience. These are some considerations you should keep in mind not to be one of the bunch. 1. Don’t enter Forex expecting fast money Most people see the Forex market as a kind…
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Inversión en acciones

Investing in Stocks: Is Large Cap or Retail Better?

Financial stocks are an over-the-counter market not forgotten, it still has great importance, even though Forex and cryptocurrencies are more profitable for traders. The issue for traders who decide to invest in financial stocks is form, it can be small or large, with the understanding that it all depends on capital, strategy, experience and investor…
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Keys to social Trading

Brokers are offering social trading to all their clients, this is yet another way for them to learn to trade better. Previously, they had education and self-training, with reviews, opinions and comments. Traders also have social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. The issue with social trading is its efficiency. An important detail: it does not…
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Trade with emotional stability

Before trading in a broker or with a stockbroker, remember one key factor: emotions, even if you use a robot, decrease the risks, not eliminate them. All over-the-counter markets, not only Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs carry the mental factor, it does not just decide to invest in commodities, for example, but to trade. The keys…
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“…Selling is everything in this life. Either you’re selling or you’re failing…”

Do you know whose words these are? And what if I tell you Jordan Belfort, still doesn’t ring a bell? And what if I say: The Wolf of Wall Street. Concerned to offer you the best help to achieve your financial independence, from Crypton Broker we take you to what will be a revolution in…
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