Medra Trader

Medra Trade

Medra Trade is a trading account designed to offer original investment tools and techniques, especially for those seeking customization in the ways of trading in cryptocurrencies and other markets.

What advantages does this specialized account offer?

1 The Medra Trade account represents a type of trading that shows advanced tools to experienced investors.

2 Through the accompaniment of our traders you will be able to answer unanswered questions in various markets.

3 The Medra Trade account was designed to achieve a vision that allows you to boost your knowledge so that you can live from trading.

What features does Medra Trade offer?

In addition to the benefits of specialized consulting and tools, this investment account includes:

  1. Special focus on multiplying your money in more than 700 cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to Dash and Coin.
  2. Achieve a status high enough so you can dedicate yourself entirely to trading and live off it entirely.

What else does this account offer?

Along with the MetaTrader 5 technology tool, with more than 80 robots, trade signals, automated trading, copy trading and technical analysis, you can invest in about 1200 financial instruments, among them:

Raw materials
Stock indexes
Treasury Bonds

The advantage of trading with XQuote

There is no doubt about the confidence that XQuote generates as a technological platform to operate in various financial markets.

1. Strategy Design
2. Commercial signals
3. Raw material
4. Technical analysis
5. Mobile Trading
6. Automated Trading
7. Copy trade

8. Partial execution of orders
9. more pending orders
10. Information on the time and volume of sales on the stock exchange
11. 38 technical indicators
12. 44 graphic objects
13. 21 Time frames
14. transfer of funds between accounts
15. Strategy simulator
16. Unlimited market


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