The cryptocurrencies that will give us something to talk about in the future.

The cryptocurrencies that will give us something to talk about in the future.

There are more and more cryptocurrencies in the market, Bitcoin remains the undisputed queen, but there are other options that are profiled as the most important crypto currencies in the near future. Get to know them.


The Golem, whose symbol is GNT, is one of the most exciting creations of the chain of blocks, however it was made with a specific objective: to change the way we use the Internet. This makes this currency unique, since its objective is to interconnect all the computers that exist in the whole world in a P2P network, in order to share data and resources in a real and practical way. This would change things in theory, since currently for this to happen we depend on super computers of large companies, where websites use these companies and people access through their Internet connection. This means that the Golem intends to create a kind of second revolution, which started with Bitcoin, by Golem looking for the Internet not to depend on any central server, but to use the P2P network so that computers are connected to each other. In addition, as we are used to this technology, future users of the P2P network will be able to share content anonymously, securely and transparently, and buy and sell computer resources. There is no such thing as mining with this currency. Getting Golem is done through rewards you earn every time you decide to connect and put the resources of your computer in favor of the user. It is also possible to buy Golem through the traditional currency market and the Cryptomoney market, i.e. use dollars to buy Bitcoins, and use these to buy Golem.


It is not such a new currency, and not everyone feels comfortable with it, as it is considered the crypto currency of banks. However, its innovative and quite useful value cannot be taken away from it. The company Ripple, whose cryptocurrency XRP, was consolidated in 2015 as a single payment protocol, a network called RippleNet. Although its Source Code in GitHub can explain it much better: “XRP is a public asset, without counterpart, native to the XRP general ledger, and is designed to unite the different currencies in use around the world. XRP is quoted on the open market and is available for anyone to access. “The XRP ledger was created in 2012 with a finite supply of 100 billion units of XRP. Its creators gave 80 billion XRP to a company, now called Ripple. “Ripple uses XRP to help build the Internet of value, marking the beginning of a world in which money moves as quickly and efficiently as today’s information. This currency is the conciliator between banks and users who ask for the elimination of these, since the currency was created for business purposes, that is, XRP offers banks and providers a reliable way to obtain liquidity from border payments. Although initially reluctant due to Ripple’s centralized quality, there are a lot of exchanges today where you can buy this crypto currency, plus you can also buy with FIAT money.


The crypto currency of the most experienced entrepreneurs and investors, as it is a fairly stable currency. Developed in 2014, it was created to achieve great things, among them, to be different, fast, light and available in any device. IOTA is also called the backbone of the Internet, since it has all the potential to be the crypto currency that sustains the monetary skeleton of the digital commerce system, reducing the probability of scams due to its security. Many consider that IOTA will substantially raise its price in the future, so a large number of investors use it as a savings method. The reason this currency is talking is because of its transaction speed, which is simply mind-blowing, as it is carried out through ternary codes; more efficient encryption than binary code. The value of IOTA will depend on the users who deal with it; the more users the more value the crypto currency has, which in turn will increase the volume of transactions with IOTA. The potential of IOTA even reaches the components of the home, such as appliances, so there is a real buzz to see how much this cryptocurrency can improve our lives.

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