Trade with emotional stability

Trade with emotional stability

Before trading in a broker or with a stockbroker, remember one key factor: emotions, even if you use a robot, decrease the risks, not eliminate them. All over-the-counter markets, not only Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs carry the mental factor, it does not just decide to invest in commodities, for example, but to trade. The keys to successful trading revolve around patience, it will determine when to maintain or change one or more strategies to trade Forex, for example.

Emotions and Trading

Before you start trading with your favorite investment product you must possess emotional stability, with trading is a must. While trading, emotions can turn ups and downs. Emotions activate themselves in a profound way. Before you start trading Forex, for example, imagine that your mind and emotions are blank, history has not been written. At that time forget your past investor, the over-the-counter markets are similar to the traditional, not the same. Also forget any economic factors that affect your future. The issue with trading and emotions is that theory is easy, practice could cost. For a trader there is no such thing as an equal day, also every hour can change its environment, remember that you are no robot.

Key to emotional stability

These are two, the first is to know yourself, with that, the relationship with your environment improves. In order to do this, look for good physical health, doing sports, sleeping well and eating well. Remember that not everything is to operate, you need activities outside the investment to keep you in a positive mood. Regarding sleep, avoid bad mood, tiredness and indiscipline, because of bad sleep. On the other hand, remember that the human is social, so you must have good relationships with other traders, family, friends and more. Your circle of friendship should not be everyone, but those you consider important, that way ,you will avoid being affected. Regarding the moments when you do not operate, if you broke up with your partner, you will feel bad and you will not be able to do it well, you are not obliged to do it daily. Other situations where the trader should not operate is if he is in the loss of a family member, if he is recently unemployed and well, many other reasons. Let time heal the wounds, rebuilding emotional stability. After that, the trader can operate again. The ideal emotions to operate are a utopia, so seek to control it, you are a human, not a robot, you are not perfect. The second thing is, to evaluate yourself before operating, before doing so always check your physical health, everything you eat will affect your intestine, which will give orders to the brain on your performance of the day. This factor is added to the others mentioned before, physical health with a good sleep, in addition to good interpersonal relationships, these factors must be met all together. It can occur that there is a minimal failure, that way you can operate, not when there is a big one. When that happens you can not control the occasion, even if it seems the opposite. Trading is not like changing batteries to a television control.

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