“…Selling is everything in this life. Either you’re selling or you’re failing…”

“…Selling is everything in this life. Either you’re selling or you’re failing…”

Do you know whose words these are? And what if I tell you Jordan Belfort, still doesn’t ring a bell? And what if I say: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Concerned to offer you the best help to achieve your financial independence, from Crypton Broker we take you to what will be a revolution in your life, in a matter of hours your perception of money and sales will change radically.

Money is an instrument and only you decide how to get it and how to use it, and who better to say how to do it than the man who had it and lost it all.

The meeting will take place on November 22nd at the Moncayo Theater in Jalisco City. The guest: The one and only true Wall Street Wolf, Jordan Belfort, who will visit Mexico to teach you how to be a successful salesman.

Negotiation, persuasion, empathy and above all, how not to let ambition take you down dangerous paths.

We know that motivation is crucial to move forward when things are not going as planned, we believe that the best motivator on the planet can be helpful to overcome your fears and be more persuasive in sales.

Who’s Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort became famous for being one of the most extreme characters on Wall Street. After a short time as a broker he went on to lead the mythical Stratton Oakmont, one of the most successful brokerage agencies of the time.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, we’ll just say that Belfort experienced the market boom in the 1990s, where he was famous for throwing huge parties and bragging about earning more than $50 million a year.

By this time Belfort and his company were in the eye of everyone, including the mafia, who sent their people to watch Belfort sales techniques and replicate them.

But also from the U.S. government, which had already mobilized to investigate Belfort’s unreliable practices.

His downfall was as dramatic as his success, the FBI managed to charge him in 1998 for fraud and money laundering. The Wall Street Wolf would acknowledge the charges and spend 22 months in prison and returned $100 million to the swindled stockholders.

The New Wolf of Wall Street

“You are not the mistakes you made in the past, but the resources and capabilities you gained from learning from your past and who you will become in the future with the use of those resources…”

The era of extravagant parties and excesses is far behind, there’s no point in repenting of mistakes if you don’t learn from them, and this is the good news that Jordan Belfort preaches around the world.

After going through jail, stopping drugs and publicly asking for forgiveness, Belfort turned to writing the books that led to the shooting of the Scorsese film , (Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, 2011).

Nowadays, Jordan Belfort divides his time between writing and giving motivational spechees in which he gives details of his life and his mistakes by falling into an uncontrollable ambition.

In the last decade, the Wolf of Wall Street lives in a much more modest home than his former mansion, in a relatively economic area of Los Angeles.

As a reminder of his past, he keeps a 9,000-pound Bulgari clock and the painting he had in the bedroom of his old yacht.

And what do we have to learn about this finance tycoon?

Jordan Belfort’s experience as one of the most successful brokers and marketers for nearly a decade is priceless, Belfort has made it big and made equally big mistakes.

His books have been published in more than 40 countries, but nothing like having the Wolf of Wall Street himself live and direct to tell you about his life, the mistakes you shouldn’t make and the sales methodology that made him a millionaire.

If you want to be part of this experience, from Crypton Broker we invite you to attend the event that will revolutionize your way of seeing things. No matter if sales is not your thing, we assure you an unrepeatable experience.

Become the best seller of all

In addition to motivational talks, Jordan Belfort offers techniques and strategies for you to make the most of your potential, this time, of course, without resorting to fraudulent practices.

Millionaire, successful runner; regenerated addict of various vices, including a great ambition to earn money; once one of the most powerful men on the planet; alpha male of the markets, all this defines Belfort.

We believe that the Wolf of Wall Street has many secrets to tell you that could help you become a better salesman and follow in the footsteps of today’s largest financial mogul.

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